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Elysian: A Wine Label Paying Homage to the Land

代表加利福尼亚美丽农田的葡萄酒?That may sound weird or boring,but stay with us!Winemaking always sounds so idyllic and romantic,但是农业呢?Not so much.We tried Elysian,an organic California Merlot that highlights all the crucial parts of farming,种植葡萄和土地本身。它很好吃,它的故事也很美丽,也很重要。


Make your holiday dinner special with a flavorful bacon-wrapped pork roast served next to perfectly roasted potatoes,garlicky sautéed spinach and a glass of Santa Cristina Rosso Toscana wine.

没有什么比让客人带着一瓶泡泡出现在你家门口更好的了。一瓶普罗塞科高级葡萄酒,to be exact.


This Snowball Mulled Wine float is an easy and fun holiday drink made from chai,红葡萄酒,蜂蜜,橙汁,香料,水果,and vanilla ice cream.It's perfect for the holidays and other wintertime entertaining events!!


节日期间的娱乐活动可能是一场爆炸,也可能看起来令人望而生畏。看看这些节日娱乐小贴士,包括开胃菜食谱,搭配永远欢乐的普罗塞科高级葡萄酒,让您轻松放松。betway游戏yet elegant,holiday gathering.

Apple and Bacon Stuffing

这种甜而可口的苹果和培根馅是两个世界上最好的。甜苹果和小红莓配上美味的香草和培根,然后烤成一个温暖的感恩节填料…美味!另外,it's the perfect pair with a glass of Vinho Verde wine,a wine that is ideal with all of your Thanksgiving dishes.


现在是喝汤的季节,我们很重视喝汤的季节。带着这么多我们的心肝,warm bowls,we have picked out a wine to pair.这个意大利奶瓶非常适合将您平常的汤之夜带到一个全新的特别水平。


One says Garnacha,另一瓶上写着“葛兰西”。What gives?葡萄怎么能既有西班牙语又有法语?是欧洲人!Let's dive into the wonderful world of Garnacha/Grenache wines!!

Portuguese-Spiced Clams and Vinho Verde Wines

蛤蜊在鲜红的肉汤中游泳,带来完美的汤和热的平衡!This Portuguese Spiced Clams dish is the perfect cold weather meal.You definitely need some rustic bread to swipe that delicious sauce off the bowl and a good Vinho Verde wine for pairing.把它放在一起不到15分钟。


You might have a different opinion,但根据我们品尝到的,梅洛回来了!它从无聊中回来了,stuffy world to be bright,美丽有趣。


对,there is really is a wine for every occasion.我们很喜欢!We chose a bottle of Côtes du Rhône wine to go with all of your fall festivities,even the chocolate you will nibble on while you wait for tick-or-treaters.

Behind the Scenes of One of the Old World's Oldest Grapes

加纳卡,又名“格伦卡,又名”The Mediterranean Grape"是世界上最古老的葡萄品种之一。Being extremely versatile and delicious,it's a classic for a reason.在世界各地的国家中,这种著名的现象日益增多,but truly thrives in its hometown European regions in northeastern Spain and southern France.

Spice Up Summer with Gewurztraminer Wine Pairings